Friday, November 1, 2013

Want to Make a Difference?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to perform nice deeds and get that internal feeling of joy? Helping others in ways they can’t help themselves is so rewarding in an infinite amount of ways. Sometimes you can literally lend a hand to help someone, and many other times money is necessary. Raising money for Girls on the Run, a nonprofit that enables young girls to realize their full potential and greatness, is not only going to provide you with the internal satisfaction, but will provide for your future. Exposing our youth to exercise, healthy habits, confidence, and self empowerment early on, will generate them to achieve their highest goals. Young children are going to be our future CEO’s, President’s, Mayors, Teachers, Doctors, Firemen, etc. and us supporting these groups to will ensure their well being. Any donation will make a positive, healthy impact on a young girls’ life and not only make you a happy person, but one who can look forward to an optimistic future.

Please donate to Girls on the Run by going to the site and donating, or visit here to help Jade raise money during her marathon training:

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