certified personal trainer

I spend a lot of my time helping others obtain their fitness goals. As a personal trainer, I take the time to listen to you and understand who you are and what you want to achieve. I offer a customized training approach for your fitness goals!

plyometrics expert

If you’re looking for better balance, increased speed, higher vertical jump or simply more agility, plyometrics training is for you. My experience speaks for itself , with 10 years of plyos under my belt and proven success (I have a 26.5” vertical at 5’6” tall).


While growing up in Orange County, I had the opportunity to compete in a variety of sports, including soccer (school and Club), track, and volleyball (H.S. and college). In high school, I won multiple CIF championships in both Volleyball and Track, and competed in Division III NCAA tournaments at the collegiate volleyball level. I also have my AA in beach volleyball which is a hobby on the side. After college I fell in love with distance running. I have run several marathons and multiple half marathons and 10K’s and have improved/evolved my training every time. At an early age I realized the importance of being fit in order to be competitive. Whether you are a couch potato ready to start slowly, a student looking for that competitive edge, or an experienced athlete looking for a new twist on your old routine, I want to share my lifelong love of fitness with you!



certified personal trainer

Creating and implementing individualized programs to meet my client’s needs and interests is my joy in being a personal trainer. As someone who has not always had a love for spending time in the gym, I understand how intimidating that setting can be. I am able to create a balanced full body workout without the need for large gym equipment, in the comfort of your home or in an outdoor setting of your preference.

pilates instructor

Using Joseph Pilates’ 6 main principles - Concentration, Center, Control, Fluidity, Precision and Breath. I work with my clients to heighten body awareness, improve balance, correct posture and alignment, while developing all aspects of physical fitness.


Born and raised in San Diego, I found a love of being physically active. In 2009, I challenged myself and completed my first half marathon. In 2010 I achieved my Personal Trainer Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and am working towards my Pilates Certification through Mira Costa College. Since 2009, I have completed several half marathons and have made physical fitness a top priority in my life. My personal belief is that anyone of any age can experience some level of physical activity. My goal is to ensure that physical activity does not exceed a person’s abilities, yet challenges them enough to bring some level of reward and benefit.



certified personal trainer

I am a personal trainer because I care about my clients’ success. I have numerous professional certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). I come from an athletic background and enjoy teaching people about fitness, and I have had years of experience training both athletes and health-conscious adults in their quest for fitness.

athletic experience

Throughout my life I have played just about every sport, but my main two sports have always been baseball and wrestling. I wrestled at the collegiate level at California State University, Fullerton in 1999-2000, and I coached wrestling at the high school level from 1999-2003.


I chose a career in health and fitness because of my athletic background. I initially only wanted to train athletes, but after several years of training the general population, I discovered that it was quite moving to see how people’s lives were affected by personal fitness. My biggest personal training success story is a current client of mine named Markus. When he came to me, he weighed about 260 lbs. After setting him up with cardio requirements and food calorie requirements, he got down to 176 lbs. His current goal is to gain muscle, so now he watches his food by eating “clean” foods, and not just watching his calories. His cardio regimen now consists of less time, but he has to maintain his heart rate within a specified range. Over the last two years he has learned how to take care of his body safely and reach his goal. He is my biggest success story because he has changed his life; it was not just a quick fix, but rather a lifestyle makeover. He is now at 199 lbs, but with a lower body fat percentage than he had at 176 lbs.