Saturday, June 8, 2013

Please Welcome Jamie!

Jamie, a life-long athlete, found yoga in 2005 while living in Guatemala. For many years Jamie resisted yoga. She was an active marathon runner for many years and felt that she needed the rush of more rigorous exercise. But, as her body continued to tighten and stiffen and after battling many different injuries she gave yoga a try. Yoga soon became a regular practice and brought a new freedom to Jamie’s body. Many of the aches and pains started to alleviate and to her surprise she became much stronger. But, the freedom yoga brought was not only in the body. It allowed Jamie space to slow down her overly active mind and lifestyle. It allowed her to become more contemplative and soften her heart. Yoga awakened her spirit. After feeling all of these benefits in her own life Jamie knew she needed to share yoga with others, especially athletes and women who have survived trauma—two areas she felt she has had significant experience with. Jamie’s first career was working with survivors of domestic violence and she later became a high school teacher. Her background as an athlete as well as in social service work and teaching led Jamie on a journey to establish a style that is both therapeutic and challenging. She believes that yoga is an integrated practice involving a mind-body connection that allows people to become more aware of the sensations in their physical body and how those may be related to the emotions sitting deep within their cells. Yoga can be a profound transformational practice, especially for those who have experienced trauma or battle mental health issues. Click here to learn more on her site!

Jamie is here to help with your yoga needs! Whether you want a class or one on one, she is truly the best!

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