Monday, September 8, 2014

Meatless Mondays

Cal Coast Fitness is challenging you to go meatless on Mondays! Why? Well, one, because it’s a catchy phrase and who doesn’t love a catchy phrase, and two, because going meatless once a week can reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity*. Not only is it good for your health, but it’s good for our environment too! That’s two for one folks!

Take a look at what Meatless Monday’s has to offer!

Limit Cancer Risk and Fight Diabetes: Many studies suggest that those who include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet may reduce their cancer risk. Also, red and processed meat consumption is associated with colon cancer and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. No bueno.

Reduce Heart Disease: Recent data from a Harvard University study found that replacing saturated fat-rich foods (for example, meat and full fat dairy) with foods that are rich in polyunsaturated fat (for example, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds) reduces the risk of heart disease by 19%*.

Curb Obesity: Those who limit their meat consumption have much lower body weights and mass indices. Practicing a low-meat diet can prevent long-term weight gain.

Live Longer: Ok, we all want to live a long, full life, right? You’ve now learned that large consumption of red and processed meats is associated with increased risks of Cancer, Diabetes, and heart disease. So, less meat, more life! Sounds like a great trade off.

Environmental Benefits:
Did you know that by eating less meat, you can reduce your carbon footprint, minimize water usage and help reduce fossil fuel dependence? All of this, just by cutting out meat once a week!

If you would like more information, check out the movement! Go to They have great recipe ideas to make your Monday meatless while still tasty! Cal Coast Fitness challenges you!

Tell us what you think about Meatless Mondays in the comments below and what recipes you try!


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