Monday, January 21, 2013

Gotta Get Back Up!

It was a lovely Saturday morning, and I set out for a “brick” workout. That is when you do two sports back to back. For me, that was a cycle and a run. As you can tell from the picture I clearly ATE IT HARD! It was barely 5 minutes in to being on the bike, when my tire caught the space between the road and the curb. I superman’d so hard, it was sad… but terribly funny at the same time. I am new to the sport. I am a runner and volleyball play gone triathlete. When I fell.. after giggling.. I looked back at my husband and said, “thats the nature of the sport” and I got back on my bike. I never thought twice about bing injured or not wanting to ride again…. I really just went. And that is what you need to do. Sometimes you will have a miserable run, a bad bootcamp, a cramp when you walk, a horrid fall, crappy race, or near death experience (hopefully not)…. but in the end, your character shoes when you get back up, dust off whatever, and continue to do what you do. How do you learn if you don’t sometimes fail. I am human… sometimes I wish I weren’t, but I love my life lessons from my trials. And you should too.

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