Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Clean Fun

A few Cal Coast Fitness trainers found a great place to get outside for some fresh air, get active, get some sun, and have some GREAT scenery…. it’s at “The Strand” in Oceanside, CA. Grab your  sunglasses and a bike and go for a ride around PCH and the harbor. Feeling up for something more???? Bike south on PCH in to Carlsbad for a good hill workout, beach time, or shopping!

Today’s Positivity:
“Have the gumption to try something new, and the grit to see through it” -Karen Fonstad

Today’s advice:
I create a space for my passions in my daily life.

One Response

  1. beccalovesart says:

    Sounds fun! Now I'm feeling inspired to go for a nice beach cruisin' bike ride…