Friday, March 2, 2012

Follow Your Heart


For years I have worked in the corporate world. I have done what I was told to do my whole life by my dad: graduate college with good grades, get a job, and move up. I did just that. I have worked for corp. America the past 6 years. I have a good job and a fun workplace, but to be honest, it is not my passion. Fitness is my passion. And it wasn’t until I started training and really focusing on how I could help others, that I realized I needed to follow my heart and do what I love. Whether I help someone lose 6 inches on their waistline or facilitate a smile on someone’s face, or make someone inspired by the blog, helping others is what I was born to do. Cal Coast Fitness is my dream. When my team started CCF I knew it would be big and great. And we are not “big” ¬†YET, but we most certainly are great. I followed my dreams and I am doing what I love. Every day it makes me happy to talk to the world on this blog, it makes me happy going to see clients, and makes me even happier when I break a sweat. I am a happy me now. I took the right steps and followed my heart. I think you should follow yours too and do what you love.

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