Monday, October 28, 2013

Fit Over Fifty!

We are going to shine our spotlight this week on Donna Loftus, the epitome of FIT AFTER 50. No excuses are present in this runner’s life, as she gets up every morning and journeys on her same running ‘loop’ that she has ran for the past 25 years. She generated active lifestyles in her neighborhood by inviting others to join her running group, and even when she was pregnant 4 times she adapted to a walking group! Not only is Donna a fit woman physically, but mentally as well. She claims that the deeper reason behind all the 5 am early morning runs, running in the pouring cold rain, running after a late night, is for the ‘therapy sessions’ that develop. Whether it is talking about life, or merely letting her mind be at ease as she treks the streets of RSM, running is her sanity. The benefits of remaining fit in all ages of life are immensely apparent- externally and internally- in our spotlight athlete, Donna, inspiring us to dig deeper and push harder within ourselves.

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