Monday, August 29, 2011

Exercise With Your Pet!

Don’t forget your best friend when it comes to staying fit! Obesity isn’t just growing in numbers for humans, but animals too! Here are a few things you can do to stay fit with  you friend:

  1. Interval walks: Multiple short walks a day may be best for very young, very old, or physically challenged dogs, but for other pets, take longer strolls that increase your pet’s heart rate (at least 15 to 20 minutes), which will boost his/her metabolism. Plus it gets them outside more!
  2. Squat Fetch:  Stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Squat and tap your dog with his favorite toy. As you rise, lift the toy above your head; your dog will jump up for it. Then throw and continue your squats!
  3. Tag: Just like the game you played as a kid, this is good sprinting exercise for you and your pooch. ”Tag” your dog, then start running around your backyard and let him chase you. After a few minutes, you’ll both get your heart rates soaring. Fun for the whole family too!
  4. Fetch Race: Head to your backyard or a park and throw your pup’s favorite toy — only this time, race him/her to pick it up.

  5. Stairs: Climbing steps together will sculpt your legs and help your pup burn off his breakfast.

Today’s Positivity:

“If you hold back on life, life holds back on you”

Today’s Advice:
Where my dreams and future are concerned, I hold nothing back.

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