Saturday, August 24, 2013

Compete to Feel the Heat

Are you having trouble getting yourself to do that workout each and every single day? You’re not alone, our minds are good at supplementing our brains with how many other tasks there are to do besides that workout. Somewhere deep down, our minds also know that the workout is going to enhance our days exponentially, we just need to do it to it. It’s not just a coincidence that competition is at the forefront of most athletic activities. Competition breeds success and generates motivation within. Whether it be competing to win first place at the LA marathon, or competing with yourself to lift a stronger weight than your previous weight workout, competition enables athletes to thrive. Set some sort of competition standards for yourself this week to get to that next level, or on that first level. Compete with yourself, with your spouse, with your sibling, with a friend, or even with your dog, just make sure to compete to feel the heat.

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