Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cal Coast Goes Country

It takes lots of work living on a ranch! Don’t think country folks aren’t getting a good workout. You have to feed the animals, ride the horses, check the property for coyotes, and things like that. Lifting hay, and feed… its a great calorie burner! I know! I went to a ranch this weekend, and boy was it work! Beautiful scenery though. It was a pleasant break from the fast paced life here in Orange County, CA. I HIGHLY recommend getting away for a weekend and doing something peaceful or a yoga retreat. It really cleared my head and brought me down from the stress of home. Anyways, hope you all enjoy a little inside to my personal life and my travel this past weekend! P.S. I get my boot off on Friday and get to start working out and rehabilitating like normal! No running, but I am still excited!

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