Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Inspiring Story From an Inspiring Client..

I have never been considered an athletic person. In grade school I was always the last ten year old struggling to cross the finish line in the annual mile-run fitness test. In high school my lack of coordination had me benched for most of my (short-lived) basketball career. Well, that and the fact that the one time they let me try to score, I completely missed. Which was less embarrassing than the fact that I had tried to swish the ball in my own team’s basket.

In college, and into my early twenties, I decided that I would try to shake off the negative memories and old insecurities of my youthful forays into fitness by making myself into a runner. Nevertheless, I eventually let bad knees, college weight gain and strongly ingrained mental blocks make up the innumerable excuses I used for failing to accomplish my goal.

One day shortly after I turned 26, I woke up and realized that I could always make excuses for not getting healthy and into shape, but doing so wouldn’t make me feel any better. I made another vow to myself; this time it was a goal that was, in many ways, simpler and harder than any other fitness related goal I’d made. It was this: to end my twenties as a healthier, happier and stronger version of me than I started.

I had four years to accomplish this. Easy, right? Unfortunately, even this aspiration proved to be difficult for me to keep in sight as I often let professional and personal obstacles distract me. I was headed toward the all too familiar end point of giving up, when I met Jade. At first, it was a last ditch effort for me to find some tiny bit of motivation or inspiration. And it worked. With Jade’s encouragement, I have started to really like exercise, and even lifting weights, which I’ve never enjoyed.

Jade’s dedication and energy has brought out renewed motivation in me. In just the six months that I have trained with her, I have grown stronger than I’ve ever been before. I surprise myself every day with my newfound strength. I get a kick out of flexing my new arm muscles in front of my family.

I may still never be an athlete and I have a long way to go before I fulfill my fitness goals. But it doesn’t really matter, because right now I am happy. I am healthy. And I am strong. It looks like I am well on my way to fulfilling my vow.

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